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DIY Easter Bunny Bunting

Make your own Easter bunny banner in these simple steps!

All you need is:

- Bunny template printed out (I got one off google images)

- Coloured card

- Pencil

- Pom Poms

- String

- Scissors

- Tape (double sided and masking)

Step One

You will need a template for the bunny, whether you draw it or print one off google like I did. Make sure you cut the template out neatly as this will be the shape of each of your bunting pieces.

Step Two

Next you will need to use the template to draw around on to your colour card. Then carefully cut the bunnies out ready to make your banner.

Step Three

Once your bunnies are all cut out, you will need to organise them into the order you would like for your banner.

Step Four

Turn the bunnies over and cut a long piece of string. Use the masking tape to stick the string to the back of the first bunny to secure it in place. Decide the length of the gap between each bunny that you would like. Little hack I do for this is to cut a piece of masking tape to the right length and stick it to the surface, then you can place the card either side of the tape and know it is the correct distance.

Step Five

Stick the rest of the bunnies to the string securely and flip the banner over. If you don't have pom poms then you can leave the banner like this. You could even add ribbon or bows to the neck to make it more creative.

Step Six

Next you need to attach your pom poms for the bunny tails. I added mine with a square of double sided tape and pressed down hard to secure them. Another good way to do this would be PVA glue as it would hold them in place more.

Then all that is left to do is proudly display your banner in your home or party!

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