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Easter Twig Trees

An easy way to add a touch of spring into your home is by displaying an Easter twig tree. Here are a couple of different options you can try!

A sophisticated way to create a twig tree is by using a vase you already have. I bought these pussy willow twigs from Tesco for £3 and they are perfect for spring. Simply arrange them in your vase, chop to the heights you want and add more branches if one bunch doesn't feel enough for you. Then you can hang easter decorations, I bought this pack of 8 for £2 from Tesco, as I love the pastel designs. Once they are all hung, you have a beautiful Easter arrangement for a centrepiece or pop it on your sideboard.

A more fun twig tree that your kids will also love, is this cute white one from Tesco for £5. All you need to do is bend and arrange the twigs then add the easter decorations and you're done!

Hope you have fun adding a little bit of spring to your homes with these trees!

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