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Flower Bouquet Biscuits - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Updated: Feb 19

A simple way to make their Mother's Day through beautiful baking!

With Mother’s Day approaching in less than a month, you may find yourself wondering what to buy the superwomen in your life, and nothing says I love you like a home made thoughtful gift. I made these tasty treats last year for my Grandmothers and they were a big hit so I thought I’d share them with you all!

Let's Get Baking

Before you start, remember that the biscuits do not need to be perfect, mine are far from it but people will appreciate your time and effort that has gone into them!


I used a basic biscuit recipe and added lemon juice to add flavour. You can follow the same one below and add a flavour of your choice or keep them plain and simple.


For the biscuits

225g (8oz) Self raising flour

100g (4 oz) Caster sugar

100g (4oz) Butter or margarine

1 large egg

For the decoration

Royal Icing sugar


Food colouring of your choice

Cookie/Cake decorations such as sprinkles, pearls etc

How To Make Them

Step One: Create the cookie dough

  1. Heat the oven to 180/ Gas mark 4 and grease two baking trays (I grease mine with butter)

  2. In a large mixing bowl, pour in the sugar and sieve in the flour and mix.

  3. Add the butter and use your hands to rub it into the mixture to create a fine crumb mixture.

  4. If you decide to do a flavour, add that now.

  5. Beat the egg and add it in gradually whilst mixing the dough until it forms a stiff consistency.

  6. Use your hands to form a solid ball of mixture ready to roll out.

Step Two: Cut the shapes

  1. Sprinkle flour onto your clean surface and roll the dough mixture so that it does not stick.

  2. Using a rolling pin, roll out the mixture until it is even. You want to make sure it isn’t too thin as the shapes won’t be as successful once baked.

  3. Next you need to cut out multiple different sized flowers using cookie cutters. Here is a link to some similar to mine: Flower Cutters

  4. You will also need to cut out a vase and leaf shapes. I didn’t have cutters for these, so instead I found template images on google, changed the size in a word document and printed them off. You can then cut the templates out, place them on the dough and use a fish slice or carefully use a knife, to cut around the shape.

  5. The mixture will give you lots more flowers and leaves than you’ll need for one bouquet but it’s always good to have spares for the decorating stage.

  6. Carefully pop the shapes onto your greased baking trays, and pop them in the oven for about 15mins. Leave them to cool for a while before moving on to decorating.

Step Three: Plan your layout

  1. Choose a gift box that you’d like to display the biscuits in. This can be a new one or a gift box you have already got, you can always put a sheet of tissue paper or brown paper on the base if it’s being reused.

  2. Start to work out the layout of your bouquet and check that the biscuits fit in your box together. I take a photo on my phone so that I can remember the layout later on.

  3. Now you know which biscuits are being used, you can practice decorating on some of the spares.

Step Four: Lets get decorating

  1. To make the icing, I get a bowl and add a small amount of water. I then add some of the royal icing sugar and mix until the consistency is thick.

  2. You can then add drops of your chosen food colouring to the icing and mix well. My advice with this is to start small with the drops to work your way to a stronger colour.

  3. Scoop the icing into a piping bag. Here is a link to piping tubes similar to mine. Piping Bottles

  4. Now you can be creative and ice your biscuits. I find it gives the biscuits a cleaner look if you go round the edge with either kitchen roll or your finger to remove any excess icing.

  5. If you are adding any decorations, make sure the icing has started to set then add them so that they stick without ruining the icing.

Step Five: Box up your bouquet

  1. Once all of the biscuits are completely dry, put your flowers back into the layout you decided on (refer to your phone image)

  2. Carefully place the biscuits into the box, using a small blob of icing on the bottom of each biscuit if you want them to stay in place.

  3. Place the lid on your box, add a ribbon, tag or note to make it pretty and your beautiful Mother’s day gift is ready for your favourite lady!


I hope you enjoy making the biscuit bouquet and that whoever is lucky enough to receive them loves your thoughtful gift! If you do make these, please tag me in your images on social media as I would love to see them and share them!

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