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Host like Royalty for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Whether you're having a street party or celebrating with loved ones, the Platinum Jubilee is a great excuse to get decorating and making sweet treats to enjoy!

Decorating doesn't need to cost a fortune and take hours to set up, and with the Jubilee there's lots of bargains available! I created this Jubilee party for a small gathering and it only cost around £15! I bought a paper tablecloth and paper union jack cups from Tesco for £1.50 each. They also had lots of other items such as paper plates, bunting and flags for the same price. I already had the cake stand but if you wanted to treat yourself to this exact one you can buy it here from Dunelm. However you don't need a cake stand, simply use a plate you already have, or try layering plates and tea cups to create your own cake stand, with the tea cups being a nice nod to us Brits! I also already had the napkins but you can get these for £1.50 from Tesco or similar from most supermarkets or shops such as Poundland, B&M etc. Use plates and cutlery that you already own to save money.

I then decided to hang bunting on the fence outside to add the Jubilee element to the surroundings. I got this as part of a set from Amazon, however these are similar on their own for £5.19. You can always cut them to use them in different parts of your house or garden too. I added to the bunting with paper decorations I had previously used for a different party from Dunelm which you can find here, but if you wanted a cheaper alternative you can get this set here.

By simply adding small elements such as the bunting and tablecloth, you can make your party feel more Jubilee whilst keeping it low budget.

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