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Pretty Mother’s Day Tablescaping

Updated: Mar 3

Treat the most important women in your life to a special meal at a beautiful table setting.

Mother’s Day may have you feeling the pressure to take your Mum or Grandmother’s out for an extravagant meal, but you can create a much more special surprise for them in the comfort of your own home. I am going to show you how to create a beautiful Mother’s Day table without breaking the bank.

What you will need to create this table:

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-Dining Table and chairs

-Table cloth

-Table runner





-Napkin rings


-2 Glass Jars

-Fresh flowers

-Candle stick holders



Prepping the table

The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare. I do this by ironing the table cloth, table runner and napkins so that they look neat and tidy. I also like to get all of the elements for the tablescape out so that I can check that all the colours look good together. I used a lot of items that I already had to reduce cost, so if you already have similar items please feel free to use those instead of the items I have suggested. You can also choose a different colour scheme as many of the products are available in multiple colour options.

Setting the table

Once everything is prepped and ready, it’s time to set the table. The first thing you need to do is put your table cloth neatly on your table making sure there’s even amounts of cloth each side of the table. Then take your table runner, or cheesecloth material, and place it on the centre of the table. You can decide to keep the runner neat, or if you have a more delicate runner like mine, it’s nice to create some movement and creases to add some interest.

Next you can add your vases and flowers. I like to have a statement vase as the centre piece which holds the larger bunch of flowers, and then smaller subtle vases for either side of it. I actually used empty glass jam jars as my two smaller vases on this table.

For the flowers I chose a few smaller bouquets and arranged them into a bigger bunch. I like doing this as you can be more selective with the colours and style, and the price of multiple small bunches costs the same as one ready made big bouquet. You can be creative with how you arrange the flowers, and then place them in the middle of your table.

As well as the flowers, you can add some tapered candles to add an extra element of height and colour.

The candles I used are from Primark, as I love the twisted design, and they have multiple colours to choose from in store. I also bought the candle stick holders from Primark, which were a great purchase as they can be used for candle sticks on one side and tea light candles on the other. They can also be stacked which can create different heights for candle holders which makes them such a great and versatile item.

When placing the candles I like to put them in-between the vases but not directly in line as this makes a more exciting layout.

The next step is the place settings. Lay out your plates, I have done two layered on top of each other but you can use just one big one if that’s a better option for you. Next is your cutlery either side, again you can choose what you need for this part.

On top of the plate, you can display your napkin in a simple but elegant design.

To create this you simply lay your napkin flat, pinch the centre of it with your fingers and lift it so that the fabric dangles around the point you are pinching. Then you will use your other hand to grab the fabric together whilst still pinching at the top, to create the shape. Secure this with a napkin ring by putting it over the pinched end and pulling it to the centre- if you do not have a napkin ring, you can use string or ribbon by wrapping it around the centre a couple of times and tying a bow. When you put the napkin down on the plate, the top part should now fan out in a pretty design, which you can adjust until you are happy with it.

You can add your glasses to the table once the place settings are ready, I have opted for wine glasses but again you can choose the style for your table. If you want to make the table more personal you could add place cards with family members names on above the plate, or even a table favour for everyone.

The final step I did was to add a Mother’s Day banner to the wall behind the table as I think it finishes off the room nicely and gives them an extra reminder of how great they are. I picked mine up from Home Bargains for 79p, however there are lots of other styles online, you could also make your own by cutting out bunting shapes and writing the letters on each flag.

And that’s it, your Mother’s Day table is ready to go!

Shopping List

Table Cloth: Dunelm (similar to mine)

Table Runner: Amazon

Vase: Next

Jars: Wilko (similar to mine)

Flowers: multiple bouquets from Tesco

Candle sticks: £1.50 for two at Primark

Candle stick holders: £2.50 each Primark

Napkins: £3 for two pack Primark (the colour I bought were discounted to 50p for the two pack)

Napkin rings: £1.50 for 4 (I bought these at Christmas) Home Bargains

Similar: Amazon

Banner: 79p Home Bargains


I hope that you enjoyed creating a beautiful Mother’s Day table and that you and your loved ones can enjoy a special day around it creating memories together. Make sure to tag me in any images if you create this tablescape please as I would love to see them!

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