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Simple Easter Napkin Ideas

Try these fun and easy napkin ideas for your Easter table!

Easter Bunny Napkin

You can create this idea with or without an egg in the centre.

  1. Lay your napkin out flat as a square on a flat surface.

  2. Fold diagonally corner to corner to create a triangle.

  3. Roll the napkin into a long thin shape.

  4. Hold the centre of this and bend to create a V shape.

  5. If you are using an egg, place it in the centre here.

  6. Take some string or a ribbon and tie it around the top of the egg/where it would be.

  7. Tie it in a nice bow and there's your bunny napkin!

Pretty Easter Napkin

This napkin is keeping it simple and elegant.

  1. Lay your napkin flat on a surface.

  2. Fold the top and bottom edges slightly so that the edges are smooth. This also determines the length of the napkin.

  3. Fold the napkin into a long thin rectangle.

  4. Secure at the centre with string or ribbon.

  5. Add some dried flowers or a stem of greenery under the string to add a touch of spring.

Easter decor napkin

You can repeat the steps for the napkin above, but instead of adding flowers, you can tie an easter decoration to the string. This is a great table favour idea too!

Fun kids Easter napkins

I love these Easter napkin rings from B&M!

  1. Open up your napkin and lay it flat.

  2. Pinch the centre of the napkin (on the patterned size)

  3. Use your other hand to gather the napkin together whilst still pinching the centre.

  4. Take your napkin ring and put it on the napkin.

  5. Place it on to your plate.

Another cute napkin ring I bought was this from Sostrene Grene.

  1. Keep your napkin in the square it comes in.

  2. Roll it into a thin sausage shape.

  3. Use the napkin ring to secure the napkin in place.

  4. Place it on your plate.

I hope you enjoy making your Easter tables more exciting with these napkin ideas!

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