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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide £20 And Under

Like many of us, you may be thinking, what on earth do I buy my Mum or Grandmother for Mother’s Day this year? It can be so hard to find the perfect present for them, especially if you have a lower budget as you always want them to feel special. Well, fear not as I have put together a Mother’s Day gift guide which has something for everyone, all for under £20!

Under £5

Aldi Candles - £3.49 each

If you love the Jo Malone candles as much as I do, but can’t bring yourself to spend £50, then the Aldi dupes are the perfect alternative. They sell the same scents as Jo Malone in different sizes and diffusers, but at a fraction of the price! I personally love the No.3 candle which is pomegranate, however they have other beautiful scents to choose from. This gift is amazing on it’s own, or you could make a little spa hamper with it in such as face masks, bubble bath and other relaxing products so she can pamper herself with ultimate relaxation.

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The Body Shop Face Masks - £4 each

You could plan a pamper night in front of the TV with your Mum, whilst enjoying a sheet face mask from The Body Shop. They have many different fragrances for all skin types, so you can choose the perfect one for her. I love the Vitamin C mask as it leaves your skin looking glowing and fresh.

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Barry M Gelly Nail Polish - £3.99 each

I love the different colour choices of the Barry M Gelly nail polishes and the quality of the finish, and your Mum will love making herself look glam. Once again you could add this to a pamper hamper or give the gift on it’s own.

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Flower Biscuit Bouquet

You can create these fun biscuits by following my step by step blog post. They will make your Mother feel loved and appreciated, and will make you feel good as you have spent time and effort to make her feel good, whilst saving your pennies.

A win, win if you ask me!

Step by step guide here

Under £10

From you to me: memory journals - £9.95 each

I came across this wonderful gift when purchasing a birthday present for my Grandma and I think it is perfect for any family member. It’s a gift with a twist as you give them the journal, which asks questions about their lives that you may not know the answers too, and when they have finished writing all of their stories and responses, they give you the book back to keep. I think it is a lovely idea as you can learn so much about them and keep it forever, and if your Grandmother’s anything like mine, they’ll be touched that you wanted to know about their life. The exact one I bought has Grandma and Mum as the options however there are lots of options online for different variations such as Nan and Gran.

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Bouquet of flowers

You can buy a lovely bunch of flowers from the supermarket for £10 and under which will make her day! Another way of getting flowers for under £10 is by purchasing the smaller cheaper bunches which cost around £2/£3, arranging them into your own lovely bouquet and wrapping them in brown paper or cellophane if you have any. You can tie these with string or ribbon and a tag to make them extra special.

Body Shop Hand Cream - £5.50 each

Another Body Shop treat that makes a lovely gift on its own or in a set, is their hand creams. The big variety of scents is great and especially since all of the sanitising over the last couple of years, everyone can appreciate a hand cream that little bit more.

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Body Shop Skincare

You could treat her to skincare that she's always wanted, or needs a refill of. The prices vary, especially with the offers they always have on the site.

Afternoon Tea

Why not invite the special women in your life round for a home made afternoon tea. You can buy the ingredients for less than £10, with the basics of sandwiches, scones and cakes which you could also make from scratch to make them feel extra special!

Under £15

Lush bath bomb set - £13

If your Mum loves a relaxing bubble bath, why not treat her to a special Mother’s Day Lush bath bomb set with prices as low as £13. They’ll love winding down with a special bath bomb after a hard days work, so you could also add it to a pamper hamper.

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Hotel Chocolat Mothers Day Box - £13.50

I am yet to find anybody that doesn’t love Hotel Chocolat chocolates, so if you want to get someone something sweet, you can get the Mothers Day H box. With lots of yummy flavours they’ll definitely be appreciated, and if like me they cannot eat dairy, then they have a Vegan chocolate box which is also extra yummy!

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Morphe makeup palette - £12

For the glam mam’s you can treat them to a beautiful new make-up palette from Morphe for just £12! This one is the perfect size for a bag or to take away on holiday which means they’ll be able to use it at all times.

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Under £20

Oliver Bonas Earrings - £18

One of my favourite places to buy jewellery from is Oliver Bonas. They have such a big selection of stunning statement pieces, and also subtle and delicate pieces. If your Mum loves earrings, but never treats herself to more statement ones then I think these are the perfect gift for her!

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Flagingo Gin - £20 John Lewis

Pink gin seems to be a Mum favourite, so why not mix it up by buying her this FlaGingo bottle, which is pink gin with a Caribbean twist. Some of the flavours include mango, passionfruit and ginger, which makes it stand out from your typical pink gin.

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Sanctuary spa gift set - £18.75 (on sale)

For most women, a new pamper set is always welcomed. This wonderful Sanctuary Spa gift set includes: bath float, hand cream, heel balm, body wash, body scrub and body butter. It also comes in lovely packaging which they can keep as storage afterwards.

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Gift Ideas for a higher budget

Buy a voucher for them to get their nails done

Take her out for lunch

Book a Spa Day

Flower delivery
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